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  1. Hi Dr Abe,

    No one puts a thought towards a surgeon until they are holding your hand informing you of how serious your problem is. Surgery may result in death, but no surgery certainly will. How do you thank someone that has saved your life? All I can say is Thank You from the bottom of my heart and the bottom of my children’s hearts. You are a true professional Dr Abe you speak with confidence, compassion and humanity when the moments really matter.

    Kind Regards,

    Russell Lee and all my Family

  2. When you are in hospital emergency and have been informed that you have a limited number of hours to live your focus certainly centres on the immediate. I did not meet Dr Chandra until some 30 hours later in Intensive Care and what a pleasure it was, as I was still alive and I got to meet the person who kept me that way.
    My respect for Dr Chandra continued to grow as he dropped in daily to check my progress and it became clear that not only was he a very competent surgeon but he had a fantastic bed side manner with an interesting sense of humour.
    I can only thank the Gods that we have surgeons of the calibre of Dr Chandra practicing here in Adelaide with a willingness to give each case the personal attention it needs.
    Thank you for everything you have done for me since New Year’s Eve, a debt I will never be able to repay.

  3. Rang for an appointment on 24/01/2018, receptionist asked what is this appointment for? I read out the scan results stating i had a 5.2cm abdominal aortic aneurysm (from 4 cm in Apr 2017) which resulted in a quick trip to Adelaide (330 km away) for an appointment the same day at 4.45pm to see Dr Chandra who ordered blood tests for same day and scan for following morning and another appointment that evening and surgery was scheduled for 30/01/2018. This was all accomplished very successfully in a very small timeframe with a bedside manner second to none. Thank you Dr Chandra.

  4. Having met Dr Abe in Darwin for the first time to arrange surgery in Adelaide, I was immediately put at ease and felt very comfortable with him, his down to earth approach and friendly manner was appreciated.

    Thank you Dr Abe, your a great Surgeon
    Christine Bertram

  5. At all times Abe was very kind and he gave me the confidence to go
    through with the surgery. He explained everything in a very helpful
    manner and it was great to be in such safe hands. I am very happy to
    have gone ahead with the vascular surgery, such a relief to feel and
    look so much better, it has been fantastic!

  6. I am a retired detective with long standing peripheral arterial disease. Due to his particular skills and specialty in the field I was referred to Dr. Chandra by another well regarded vascular surgeon. Three weeks ago Dr. Abe Chandra performed extensive surgery to remove occlusions from my femoral arteries. Despite the complexities in my condition the surgery went very well and I am already recovered to a point where I have more use of my legs than I have had in years with recent scans showing results better than I could have hoped for. In addition to the surgical outcome however, I would like to pay tribute to the quality of the care and advice Dr. Chandra provided both me and my wife throughout this episode. He not only took considerable time to discuss (in layman terms) the options, risks and likely outcomes of my surgery but postoperatively has been readily available and continues to re-assure. Even if I hadn’t had the excellent surgical outcome, I would consider myself fortunate to have had this man as my surgeon.

  7. It was my good fortune to be referred by my G.P. to Dr Abe Chandra for a diagnosis on a badly infected (and very painful) toe. Dr Chandra quickly diagnosed an ingrown toe nail
    and tests proved narrowing leg arteries that impeded the blood flow. From the first consultation the dedication to his profession and his sincere desire to heal and relieve suffering coupled with his concern for the welfare and care of his patients was very evident.
    In the ensuing operations that I had (an angioplasty and toe operation) I felt no concern for the outcome and confident that I was in the hands of a unique, highly skilled most caring surgeon, a man of integrity and high ethics who’s priority was a successful and happy outcome. His warm, polite, considerate and down to earth manner coupled with his sense of humour make for a comfortable relaxed doctor patient relationship. I have enormous admiration and respect for Dr Chandra and a perfectly healed toe!

  8. I was blessed to have the wonderful gentle and mildly mannered Dr Chandra look after me perchance or default.
    How pleased I am that I was brought under the care of this gentleman who explained my procedure and made me feel at ease at all times. Dr Chandra thank you ,,, very appreciative of your caring nurture and thankful that all went so effortlessly well.

  9. Ive been meaning to do this review for a long while now, but have been stumped as to how one is to describe such a wonderful Dr.

    I’ll start with a bit of background information; my name is Brooke, I am 22 years old and back at the start of this year I had an radiocephalic arteriovenous fistula surgically created by Dr Chandra, Abe. During the whole process from the organisation, to waiting for surgery, post operation and follow ups, Abe has been nothing but completely supportive. If only all Drs had Abe’s amazing bedside manner; I cannot stress how caring and reassuring his manner is.

    Often it can be hard, as a patient we must hand over control to Drs, people we don’t know a whole lot about. Sometimes it can be hard and stressful to determine whether or not we feel they really do understand us, our wishes and concerns. From day one, I have never questioned whether or not Abe considered my concerns; I always feel that they are valid and that they are not an unnecessary worry.

    According to the Collins dictionary, “A doctor is someone who is qualified in medicine and treats people who are ill.” therefore all Drs fulfill that definition. However, my definition is a little different, a little more extensive; some may day a little demanding. My idea of a Dr is someone who listens to you, who is empathetic and if not able to, tries to understand your position. Someone who can offer you their experience and expertise in a manner that is both professional and approachable. I believe a Dr should have the attention to detail that makes a difference and the ability to instil confidence in a patient when it matters most.

    If that too, is what you’re looking for in a Dr, then in my opinion, you will be hard pushed to find one as qualified to fit that definition then Dr Abhilash (Abe) Chandra.

  10. I recently had the need for a vascular surgeon to perform surgery to remove varicose veins from my leg. I was referred to Dr Chandra by my local GP. At all times, Dr Chandra was excellent in placing the procedure into perspective, advising the pro’s/cons of the surgery and putting me at ease about the required surgery. I was booked into his busy schedule, in very prompt fashion. The procedure was uncomplicated (just how we patients like ) and the surgical skill exemplary.
    I was very impressed with his professionalism, follow up and his ‘bedside’ manner.

  11. If you are looking for a Doctor/Surgeon who is caring and dedicated, then look no further than Dr Abhilash (Abe) Chandra. His forthright and easy going manner and ability to converse with his patients puts him in a class of his own.

    After being informed by her Chiropodist that she had some major issues with blood flows to her feet my wife was referred luckily to Dr Abe by our GP.

    After scans and tests were undertaken and in consultation with colleagues it was agreed that due to my wife’s age (86) and condition that surgery could be life threatening and he would be very reluctant to operate but instead guided us to another solution by freeing up the veins by killing off the nerve ends attached to them. This has proved to be successful, without the risk or life or possible loss of limbs.

    Although not performing the procedure himself, he has constantly been in touch and has followed Elaine’s progress with genuine concern.

    Thank you Dr. Abe

  12. Dr Chandra has been treating my 92 year old mother for some years for vascular problems with her hands and we can only be thankful we were referred to him. His wonderful manner with our mother and expert treatment of her problem helped us all through many stressful and anxious moments.
    Thank you Dr. Chandra

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